FinCEN News

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN, is a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury that specializes on analysis of all financial operations in order to prevent terrorist financing, money laundering, etc. FinCEN was founded in 1990 and currently is headquartered in Vienna, VA. In 2013, FinCEN issued Bitcoin and virtual currency guidance concerning creating, obtaining, distributing, exchanging, accepting or transmitting virtual currencies. By this guidance, the companies that provide cryptocurrency-related services must report all data to the government so that it can prevent money laundering. There are also definitions for various kinds of cryptocurrency users and their responsibilities while working with digital currencies.
FinCEN direktörü, kripto para sektörünün kurumun raporlama kurallarını benimsediğini, raporlama sistemlerine ve operasyonlarına dahil ettiğini söyledi.
FinCEN Direktörü Kripto Para Sektörü Gözetimlerini Artırdı
Marie Huillet
Binance, BAM Trading Services ortaklığıyla ABD kripto para mevzuatlarına uyum sağlayacak.
Binance ABD için Yol Haritasını Belirledi
Samuel Haig