Trezor News

Trezor’s hardware wallet is a device for operating with Bitcoins that works independently of the Internet. It consisting of owner’s private keys that can operate transactions offline. Compared with traditional methods of cold storage, Trezor’s advantage is that it does not exposing secret data while making payments, making them absolutely secure. Before getting starting, it is necessary to register an account on the official Trezor website, which is absolutely safe from hackers, provided the gadget stays with its owner. The device functions as a small computer and confirms all the transactions in it, making it is possible to check the amount, a receiver and other details at any time. When the wallet is connected with a computer, it is necessary to enter a security pin-code. According to the representatives, even a computer infected by a virus poses no threat to the Trezor wallet. The device itself is small and can be held on a keyring.

Ledger, rakiplerinin güvenlik çiplerini eleştiren bir gönderi yayınladı.
Ledger Son Gönderisi ile Trezor'u Kızdırdı!
Jack Martin
Kripto para donanım cüzdan üreticisi SatoshiLabs, Trezor One ve Trezor Model T cihazları için Bitcoin'e özel yazılımının beta sürümünü yayınladı.
SatoshiLabs'ten Bitcoin'e Özel Cüzdan Yazılımı
Liam Frost