TenX News

TenX is Singapore based platform, which offers physical cryptocurrency debit cards, virtual wallets, bank accounts, access to ATMs, etc. The main purpose of the project is to provide the possibility of convenient usage of Bitcoin and other altcoins in people’s daily life. The company was founded in 2017 by Toby Hoenisch. In 2017, the TenX ICO attracted over planned 200,000 ETH in seven minutes and over 4,000 investors recieved TenX cryptocurrency (PAY). In the TenX white paper, there was no limit for the sale of TenX tokens, so extra PAYs were issued after the ICO. It was also announced that all holders of TenX wallets will receive 0.5 percent in PAY of the total transactions’ volume in a month. TenX fees are 0 percent, however, physical and virtual cards have a price for their issuance and use.