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Kaspersky Lab is a software company that is focused on cybersecurity and anti-virus development. Kaspersky Lab was founded by Eugene Kaspersky in 1997 and is headquartered in Moscow, but also has units in United States, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, England and other countries. Some of the main Kaspersky Lab products are Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security. Kaspersky Lab software is licensed by more than 120 companies worldwide and is top-ranked in various competitive tests. Kaspersky Lab is a blockchain supporter that has developed blockchain products through its business incubator. Kaspersky Lab is a member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, which it joined on March 19, 2018. Kaspersky Lab made a number of texts about blockchain implementation for additional security and privacy for the network. The company is actively monitoring the cryptocurrency industry and emerging digital assets.
Yeni rapora göre Bitcoin ve diğer kripto paralar ile ilişkili siber suçlar, COVID-19 sonrasında artış gösterebilir
RAPOR: Bitcoin hırsızlığı COVID-19 sonrası artabilir
Helen Partz
Kaspersky Lab, Polys adlı sistemi kullanan yeni blockchain tabanlı oylama makinesini duyurdu.
Kriptoyla İlgili Siber Güvenlik Şirketi Yeni Blockchain Oylama Makinesini Duyurdu
Turner Wright
Kaspersky Lab'in son raporu, saldırganların Bitcoin yerine ön ödemeli kartlara yöneldiğini ortaya koydu.
Bitcoin Dolandırıcıları Ön Ödemeli Kartları Hedef Alıyor
William Suberg