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James L. “Jamie” Dimon is an American banker, businessman, and billionaire. Since 2005, he has been the chief executive officer of the largest American financial holding company JPMorgan Chase. Jamie Dimon’s net worth as of 2018 is $1,27 billion. Among the cryptocurrency community, Jamie Dimon has received the reputation as one of strongest Bitcoin critics because of his announcement in 2017 that cryptocurrency was a fraud and that any traders who sold it would be immediately fired. Later he said that he wasn’t interested in dealing with cryptocurrency because of the potential risks involved. Nevertheless, in 2018, Jamie Dimon was all over the news because of his new-found acceptance of cryptocurrencies, though would only agree to use them in the case of total regulation.

ABD merkezli dev yatırım bankası JPMorgan Chase'in başkanlarından Daniel Pinto, bankanın nihayetinde Bitcoin alanına gireceğini düşünüyor.
JPMorgan yöneticisi açıkladı: "Bir noktada Bitcoin alanına gireceğiz"
Helen Partz
Bitcoin'in piyasa değeri, son ralli ile birlikte dev banka JPMorgan'ı solladı!
Bitcoin'in piyasa değeri JPMorgan'ı solladı!
Helen Partz
Bitcoin yatırımı yapmayı düşünen milyoner sayısı her geçen gün artıyor
On milyonerden yedisi ya Bitcoin sahibi ya da almak istiyor
Joshua Mapperson