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BTC-e was a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform founded in July 2011 and operated by ALWAYS EFFICIENT LLP. BTC-e allowed exchanges of various cryptocurrencies and the U.S. dollar, Russian ruble and Euro. BTC-e was famous for its minimalistic design and comfortable user experience. BTC-e has been shut down since July 2017, after the arrest of key staff members of the exchange, who were charged with being involved in money laundering schemes. BTC-e reopened as a new platform on Wex works under the fulfilment of all legal requirements, such as anti-money laundering and KYC, and currently asks users to go through a registration process. Alexander Vinnik, the suspected operator of BTC-e, is still seized and currently held in Greece, where he was captured while on vacation with his family.
Yaklaşık 10 yıl önce, iki pizza için ödenen 10.000 BTC'nin izi sürüldü ve şu anda nerede oldukları tespit edildi.
Pizza Almak için Kullanılan 10.000 BTC Şimdi Nerede?
Benjamin Pirus
ABD'li yetkililer, bir Rus vatandaşını kara para aklama iddiasıyla tutukladı ve Instagram hesabını kanıt olarak gösterdi.
Rus Rapçi FBI Tarafından Para Aklama İddiasıyla Tutuklandı
Kollen Post