News is a cryptocurrency information service and a cryptocurrency wallet for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. is one of the most referenced resources for Bitcoin information. It was launched in 2011 to provide data on recent Bitcoin transactions, mined blocks, charts and statistics on the Bitcoin economy and resources for researchers and developers. is one of the most popular crypto wallets on the market with more than 24 million registered private wallets, 160,000 daily transactions and 140 countries where it is in service. It is also a research platform interested in the advancement of blockchain technologies and widening the implementation of cryptocurrencies. One of their most famous products is the Thunder network – a fast, secure and cheap way to transfer cryptocurrencies from wallet to wallet.

Kripto borsası kripto kartı başlatmak için Visa ile ortaklığa imza attı. ve Visa'dan yeni kripto kartı için iş birliği!
Luke Huigsloot
Haberler, küresel risk sermayeleri tarafından yatırım aldıktan sonra değerlemesini 14 milyar dolara kadar çıkarmayı başardı.
Aldığı yatırımın ardından'un değeri 14 milyar dolara fırladı
Tom Mitchelhill