BitLicense News

BitLicense is a business license for using cryptocurrencies with a lengthy list of terms and conditions. It was issued on the 8th of August, 2015, by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS). In general, it defines the major rules on businesses operating with digital currencies, such as virtual currencies’ control, administration, maintenance, storing, holding, issuing, exchange operations, related-software development, etc.
The license is relevant for entities, while retailers and individuals are allowed to make transactions without the use of the license. On the one hand, the business community met the license positively because it provides a legal framework and protection without a need for proving legitimacy of their work to customers. On the other hand, those rules increase both time and costs, which already are in deficit.

Kripto hizmet sağlayıcısı Paxos, son başvurusu ile tamamen denetimli bir banka olma yolunda ilerliyor
Paxos tamamen denetimli bir banka olma yolunda ilerliyor
Cyrus McNally
ABD milletvekili adayı Jonathan Herzog, seçimlerde kripto topluluğunun desteğini bekliyor
Kripto Dostu Aday Seçimlerde Topluluktan Destek Bekliyor
Michael Kapilkov