Apple Pay News

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service for payments in person, payments within applications of iOS and on the web. Apple Pay is supported by most Apple products. It is mostly used with the Apple Pay app on iPhones and with Apple Pay for the smart watches of the company. Basically, all businesses that have a commuter card terminal with NFC are places that can accept Apple Pay. Stores that accept Apple Pay usually offer both offline and internet purchases. One can buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay, alongside many other cryptocurrencies that offer the purchase of their coins with Apple Pay. Apple Pay implements Touch ID and Face ID for further security of the wallet. Apple Pay is available for citizens of 29 countries, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Russia and China. The most recent countries to implement Apple Pay are currently Poland and Norway, which have supported it since June 2018.
Coinbase, platformuna ek ödeme seçenekleri ekleyeceğini duyurdu.
Coinbase kullanıcıları Apple Pay ile kripto para alabilecek
Benjamin Pirus
Avustralya İhtiyati Düzenleme Kurumu, Calibra dahil dijital cüzdanları denetleyecek bir yasal çerçeve oluşturulmasını teklif etti.
Avustralya'nın Finansal Düzenleyicisi Dijital Cüzdanları Denetlemeyi Teklif Etti
Adrian Zmudzinski