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Accenture is a transnational company founded in 1989 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Accenture specializes in consulting and professional services. Accenture works in six major divisions that are Accenture Consulting, Accenture Federal Services, Accenture Strategy, Accenture Technology, Accenture Digital and Accenture Operations. Accenture is actively participating in blockchain implementation in business processes both as a payment tool and a tool for supply chain management, banking and media. Today, Accenture Technology is mostly concentrated on AI, cloud technologies and IT-security, which are all blockchain-compatible instruments suitable for large enterprises and newly developed startups. Technology-based consulting tools are widely implemented for improving business processes and that makes Accenture one of the Fortune Global 500 companies.
“Crypto Dad” olarak anılan CFTC eski başkanı J. Christopher Giancarlo, blockchain tabanlı ABD doları geliştirmek için düşünce grubu oluşturdu.
CFTC Eski Başkanı Blockchain Tabanlı Dijital Dolar için Bastırıyor
Helen Partz
Starling kurucu ortağı ve eski CEO'su Julian Sawyer, Gemini Trust Company'nin Avrupa kolu Gemini Europe'u yönetecek.
Gemini, Eski Starling Yöneticisini İşe Aldı
Helen Partz